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Bond History

Board Process for Placing a Bond on the Ballot

Board unanimously approves resolution for April 2015 Bond!
Bond will fund a major renovation at Enumclaw High School and will replace Black Diamond Elementary School

At their meeting on January 5, 2015, the Enumclaw School District Board of Directors approved a resolution to place a bond measure on the ballot in April 2015. This decision came after nearly a year of study and research of all facilities within the Enumclaw School District as well as reviewing feedback from community meetings and staff and community surveys. The bond will:

  • Erect a two-story, secure and enclosed structure on the south side of the Enumclaw High School campus that would replace aging classrooms, the library, science labs, music facility, auditorium and gymnasium. This replacement structure would dovetail into the remodeled commons, offices, and art and automotive wing (2000) creating a more secure facility for students, guests and staff.
  • Build a new, two-story Black Diamond Elementary School at the current location, replacing the aging structure and bringing students and staff together under one roof for a safe and uniform learning environment.

This bond proposes renewing the existing bond that built Thunder Mt. Middle School. In October 2014, the tax rate for the existing bond was $1.60/$1000 of home value. The bond that is being proposed will be at a rate of $1.60/$1000 of home value - not one penny more. The Board of Directors, cognizant of being good stewards with tax monies, was strategic in keeping taxes at this flat rate. Renewing the bond that built TMMS (same tax rate) will generate $68,555,000. Because of the high need, these two projects (Enumclaw High School and Black Diamond Elementary School) also qualify for $18.1 million in state construction match money. The total budget combining these two funding sources would be $86,655,000.

Below is the projected budget for Black Diamond Elementary and Enumclaw High School as identified by BLRB Architects.

School Dollar Amount
Black Diamond Elementary         $23,389,000
Enumclaw High School $63,353,300
Total $86,652,300

The bond measure will need a 60% supermajority to pass. Once the measure is approved, the school district will finalize plans and begin to seek building permits. Construction at both facilities will begin in July 2016. Black Diamond Elementary School will be completed in September 2017. Enumclaw High School will be completed over two phases with the first phase completed in September 2017 and the second phase completed in September 2018.

Questions or comments can be sent to Superintendent Mike Nelson.

View the bond information document.

With the 2000 bond that built Thunder Mountain Middle School expiring in 2016, and a recent state-required studying emphasizing the district’s need to replace some of its aging and inadequate buildings, the Board has spent the past six months in deep discussion about its future.

The Enumclaw School District has recently completed its annual Capital Facilities Plan (CFP), which is a six-year plan of the capacity needs of the school district based upon enrollment projections. In addition to the CFP, a study and survey of all buildings in the district is completed once every six years. During the summer of 2014, the study and survey was completed by BLRB Architects and funded by an OSPI grant. The study and survey has identified facility needs in all buildings.

Information provided in the facility assessments and discussions with District personnel also played a role. In addition, the design team provided information and direction regarding educational programming, planning and contemporary learning environments. Analysis included physical condition, systems and component sufficiency, instructional adequacy, educational programming opportunities, estimated costs, and tax rate implications.

After sifting through all the information and data, Black Diamond Elementary and Enumclaw High School rose to the top.

The process is now moving forward. The board is planning to propose a spring bond that will keep taxes at their current level, while building a new Black Diamond Elementary School at its current location and erecting a two-story, enclosed building on the Enumclaw High School campus that will replace its three oldest and outdated classroom wings, along with the auditorium, gymnasium and library.

Black Diamond Information Sheet (pdf)

Bond Information Document (pdf)