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Enumclaw School District

Emergency Information

Decision Making Process In Wintry Weather Conditions

Dear Families,

Click the link below to read a letter with information that I hope you will find helpful in understanding how we make decisions to delay or cancel school and how you can access and be notified about this information.

Mike Nelson

English and Spanish.



TO: All Parents and Students of Enumclaw School District

We are fortunate to have several ways in which to communicate with you in case of an emergency school delay or closure. Please use the list below in order to attain accurate information.

  1. School Messenger
    It is our goal to notify each family by phone. In a standard school closure situation, this call will come to your home about 6:00 a.m.
  1. Enumclaw School District Website ( or http://www.flashalert.netwhich will send emails to you in the event of an emergency notification within our district.

    This website is a service of the Puget Sound Educational Service District.)

    All emergency delays or closures will be updated on the websites as quickly as possible.
  1. Enumclaw School District Facebook Page (
    We do our best to post emergency delays and closures
    information on our district Facebook page.
  2. Local News and Radio Stations
    Information regarding local school district delays and closures is reported by the local TV and radio stations. They also post this information on their websites. If Enumclaw is not specifically mentioned, schools will be operating normally. The announcement will be one of the following:

When schools are:

CLOSED - Whenever schools are closed, all activities held in the buildings that day are automatically cancelled.

OPEN WITH LIMITED BUS TRANSPORTATION - “Limited” means buses will not travel on the following roads or areas for the entire day:

ONE HOUR LATE - Preschool and ECEAP will start one hour late. Highly Capable class will start one hour late at Southwood. On Fridays, early release schedule remains in effect.

TWO HOURS LATE - No morning ECEAP or Developmental Preschool. Full-day ECEAP starts two hours late. Afternoon Developmental Preschool as scheduled. No out of district transportation. On Fridays, the early release schedule will be cancelled and students will attend school until the regular release time.

309th SE (Hyde Lake) & 312th Way and 353rd St. &352nd Cumberland Fire Station
Lavender Town Loop (Selleck) Intersection - 348 & 262nd
All of Lake Walker (Cumberland) Cumb.Way & Walker Lake Rd.
Plass Road & Green Valley Road (Blk. Diamond) Hwy 169 @ Green Valley Rd
Whitney Hill (212th Way) Intersection - 212th & 376th
S.E. 368th Way to S.E. 384th & 236th S.E. 384th & 244th or GE&B Nursery
400th (between 268 S.E. & 278 Way) Intersection - 400th & 268th
Glacier Vista 468th & 241st
Fairway Hills (SE 472nd St. Hill & 288th Ave.) Intersection 284th at 464th & 480th
Mud Mt Rd - EAST of 284th to Dam Rd 284th @ Mud Mt. Dam Road
Mud Mt Rd between 248th and Hwy 410 Mud Mt Rd@ 248th
322 Ave. SE (Sugarloaf Mt.) Retreat Kanasket Road @ 322nd
Hill on 384th S.E. (North of S.E. 392nd) 384th off Franklin Road
S.E. 472nd/278th Ave. SE/288th Ave. SE 284th SE or 456th
200th S.E. (North of S.E. 400th) S.E. 384th Street
Crystal River Ranch (if not plowed) SR410 & West Fork Road
Lake 12 (Black Diamond) Green River Gorge Road @ 270th Way
290th off Green River Gorge Rd Green River Gorge Road @ 290th
244th Ave. SE (North of SE 384th) 384th & 244th SE
SE 387th 244th Ave. SE & SE 384th
228th Ave. SE (between 416th & 400th) SE 419th Street on 228th
440th (Dead-end section off of 196th) 440th and 196th
Morgan Creek, Black Diamond Entrance only
303rd Ave SE (off SE 392nd St) Intersection of SE 392nd St & 303rd Ave SE
Y Bar S 400th at 258th
Sierra Vista 284th at 449th and 284th at 451st
188th Ave Se & SE 409th St Intersection of 188th Ave Se & 416th St
323rd (Off of Hwy 410) Mud Mtn. Entrance on Hwy. 410
396th & 303rd 392nd at 303rd
433rd & West end of 432nd (Takoba) McHugh @ 257th
196th (between 400th and 416th) 400th at 196th
416th (between 196th and 192nd Pl SE)

424th and 196th

327th Way SE & 329th Pl SE SE Retreat Kanaskat Rd & 327th Way SE