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Enumclaw School District
Enumclaw Athletes Now Have Summer 2.0 and a Fall Season

Summer 2.0

With approval from the WIAA, schools in the area have been given permission to hold "Out of Season" workouts much like what has taken place over the months of June and July in years past. Our athletes are able to participate in preseason conditioning workouts held by their coaches. These workouts are not required and open to those students interested. The sports that  are offering some sort of general conditioning/workout program are: 

  1. Girls and Boys Basketball
  2. Football
  3. Fastpitch
  4. Lacrosse
  5. Boys and Girls Cross Country
  6. Girls Soccer
  7. Girls and Boys Golf
  8. Volleyball

This Out of Season window will run until February 9th. All students wanting to participate should first pre-register for athletics by going to Enumclaw High School Website and clicking the Athletic drop down menu and then clicking Athletic Registration. Parents need to set up the account.


Fall Sports Season

 After the Governor's Press Conference last Tuesday, the WIAA (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association) decided to move the lower risk sports earlier in the year and the high risk indoor sports later in the year hoping the COVID - 19 numbers in our region meet the new Department of Health Metrics. With that said, Season 1 which is basically the traditional Fall Season will begin on February 15th and conclude the final week of March. Schedules will be built over the next week and The Athletic Office will send them out as soon as they are approved by the League AD’s and Principals. Here are the sports starting in February:

  1. Football - February 10th
  2. Girls Soccer - February 15th
  3. Volleyball - February 15th
  4. Girls Swimming - February 15th
  5. Boys and Girls Cross Country - February 15th
  6. Boys and Girls Golf - February 15th
  7. Boys Tennis has been moved to Season 3
  8. Water Polo will most likely take place in Season 3

We can't wait to see you,

Mr. Stokke