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Enumclaw School District

Enumclaw 8th grader Eli Murphy, in addition to his remote learning, he has engaged in a project to modify a rideable electric toy car for a 3-year-old boy with physical and speech disabilities. The completed car was shipped from Enumclaw on Wednesday 12/9, to the boy's home in Denver, just in time for Christmas. Eli spent about 75 hours on the project over the last two months -- interviewing Ollie's parents about his mobility issues and needs, consulting Ollie's physical therapist about adaptations that would give him control of the car, altering the car's steering system and pedals, adding padding and a lap belt to give Ollie a stable ride, filming videos to help Ollie and his parents learn how to control the car, and even making a customized license plate. Beyond watching instructional videos on YouTube, Eli was advised by retired Enumclaw High School skilled trades teacher Bob Kilmer, a 2017 national grand prize winner of the Harbor Freight Tools for Schools Prize for Teaching Excellence, and by Eli's father, Enumclaw High School AP human geography teacher Steve Murphy. (Eli got connected to Ollie's family through Enumclaw HS principal Phil Engebretsen) The car and materials to adapt it cost less than $400. Compare that to a ~$17,000 motorized wheelchair. The car project, inspired by the Go Baby Go national movement to adapt toy cars for children with mobility issues, was funded by the California-based nonprofit Harbor Freight Tools for Schools as a pilot to demonstrate how skilled trades classes can be taught online during the COVID-19 pandemic and to bridge trades classes with core subjects. This project was originally intended for a group of our high school students but was placed on hold at the onset of the pandemic. You can watch Eli’s video about the project on our website. This is an example of the character of our school community and the defining qualities that set our students apart from others in our surrounding area. Our students are talented, driven, and selfless in doing what they can for the sake of others. We are proud of our ESD students!