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Enumclaw School District
Letter from Mr. Nelson, Superintendent

Hello Friends, 

I wanted to let you know this morning that I was selected by the Washington Association of School Administrators to lead Professional Learning for school leaders across the state of Washington.  This means I will end my tenure as superintendent in the Enumclaw School District on June 30, 2020. Our amazing Board of Directors will begin their search and selection for my replacement in the coming weeks with a new superintendent in place by July 1, 2020.  That’s the content, but not the heart so I hope you will continue reading…..

It’s times like this that allow you to reflect a bit on your life…..

I think of my two sets of grandparents who immigrated from Italy and Scandinavia with an eighth grade education and settling in Enumclaw and Black Diamond.  They each vowed to have their children graduate from Enumclaw High School which they dad in 1937 and my mom in 1941. My parents served during war time; my dad in the Pacific and my mom in downtown Seattle.  They wanted their children to attend and graduate from college which we did

As a first generation college graduate, I was honored to be a teacher, principal, assistant superintendent and superintendent.  Not once have I considered the last 35 years a job, it’s always been a call to serve in my mind.  The last 21 years in the Enumclaw School District is my own version of a Disney movie.  I was able to give back to a community that raised me, guided me and loved me from the moment I was born in the Enumclaw Hospital.  

For the past three years, I once more have been blessed.  I have facilitated learning for the new superintendents in the state of Washington.  The time with our new Washington state superintendents provided me a sense of joy and hope for public education across our state.  Like similar times in my life, others saw things in me that I didn’t necessarily see in myself. This is what led to my decision to apply to lead professional learning for all superintendents and central office administrators across our state.

In order to assume this new role, I need to leave the Enumclaw School District as Superintendent.  For my wife Britt and me, this was an extremely difficult decision and we engaged in much conversation about making this career shift.  In the end, we took the risk and I applied for the position and as you have read, I received the position. This allows our amazing Board of Directors to select a new Superintendent who I have no doubt will do an incredible job taking our school district to new heights.

As tears well in my eyes at this very moment, making it hard to see the screen, I want you to know these are tears of immense appreciation for the love and support you have given not only to me, but my entire family.  For the last 21 years, you have wrapped your community arms around us during amazing and exciting moments in our school district as well as sad and difficult moments. I (we) will be forever grateful to each of you.  


With much love,