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Enumclaw School District


School Board Member Tyson Gamblin

Mr. Tyson Gamblin | District 3 Director
2764 McHugh
Enumclaw, WA 98022


Mr. Gamblin was sworn in on September 6, 2016 to fulfill Corey Cassell’s term through November 2017 as District 3 director, at which point a general election was held and Mr. Gamblin was officially elected to fulfill the remaining two years.  In December of 2019, Mr. Gamblin was elected to fulfill another four-year term.  His current term will end in 2023.

Mr. Gamblin is a manager at Art Gamblin Motors and is a father of three young children.  He is an Enumclaw High School graduate, Central Washington University graduate, Enumclaw Football Foundation member and former director, and sponsor of Enumclaw Schools Foundation plus community events.

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Vacant | President, District 4 Director & WIAA Representative

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School Board Member Jennifer Watterson

Jennifer Watterson | Vice President. and District 2 Director
47607 288th Ave SE
Enumclaw, WA 98022


Mrs. Watterson represents District 2 and she is the current Vice President. Her term expires in December, 2021.

Jennifer was raised in Crystal Village 1 (just 5 miles East of Greenwater) and went to school K-12 in the Enumclaw School District. She married Brent in 1998 and the two have been raising a family in Enumclaw since 2005. They have three children in the Enumclaw School District: Makayla, Aleah, and Miles. The Watterson’s enjoy spending as much time as possible on outdoor activities including skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. Jennifer is currently spending much of her time attending events for her children, including Pony Club, 3 Day Eventing, Horse 4-H, Marksman 4-H, WAHSET, basketball and soccer, as well as co-leading the Evergreen Equestrians 4-H club and acting as Gaming Chair for the King County 4-H Horse Program Committee. Jennifer has a Bachelor of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning with a Minor in Geography from Western Washington University, and is currently a Regional Sales Representative from Sanuk, Smith Optics and Gordini.

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School Board Member Jennifer Kent

Mrs. Jennifer Kent | District 1 Director
29406 322nd Ave SE
Ravensdale, WA 98051


Jennifer grew up in Rexburg, Idaho and moved to Corvallis, Oregon at the age of 12. She married Scott in 1996 and the two moved to Kent and finally settled in Ravensdale in 2005 after building their current home. Jennifer and Scott have two children, McKenzie and Gavin, who went through Black Diamond Elementary and Thunder Mountain Middle School and now attend Enumclaw High School. Jennifer has volunteered in many classrooms and has acted as a PTA Treasurer and Vice President, and a co-chair for the yearbook committee. She has also assisted with Float Friday’s at Thunder Mountain Middle School and is a member of the new lacrosse team booster club at Enumclaw High School.  Her term expires in December, 2023.

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School Board Member Bryan Stanwood

Bryan Stanwood | District Director #5 and Legislative Representative
3337 Phillips Ave
Enumclaw, WA 98022

Bryan Stanwood represents district number 5 and is the Legislative Representative. Bryan Stanwood represents district number 5. Bryan and his family moved to Enumclaw in 2005. His wife, Sue, is active as a community volunteer, while both his son and daughter, Riley and Abby, attended Enumclaw High School and are now either in college or working. Bryan has worked in the insurance industry for 30+ years and is currently COO and VP at the Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau.

Bryan grew up in Caldwell, Idaho, a town much like Enumclaw in terms of size and culture. He attended Caldwell High School and Willamette University in Salem, OR, where he was encouraged by many teachers and professors to learn and excel, and these educators have been mentors in fostering his passion for learning. Bryan knows how much teachers can mean in the lives of students and is proud to serve in a district that strongly recognizes this importance.

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View the #5 district map (pdf) Updated 2019

Student Board Representatives

In February 2010, the board implemented Policy 1200 which approved the addition of two student representatives to the board of directors. The role of the representatives is to provide student insight and perspective to the board; serve as liaisons to the high school students; and report to the students about the work of the district and the board of directors. Below are our current representatives.

student board representative Emma Murphy

Emma Murphy's history of leadership and advocacy in school and community are impressive and will serve her well as the Senior Student Representative. She continues to achieve outstanding grades in rigorous classes while holding class and club office roles, competing in athletics, and performing on the stage through drama and choir. Emma's commitment to sharing with the public about Type 1 Diabetes has also lead to being an ambassador for JDRF and Beat the Bridge. In middle school she won the Prudential Spirit of Community Service Award for the state of Washington as a direct result of her work with JDRF. Her future goals include attending the University of Washington and then becoming a film and television actress while also advocating for the JDRF, which aims to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. Teachers describe Emma as "a funny, energetic, enthusiastic teenager, who also happens to be working incredibly hard to make the world a better place."

Junior Representative Olivia Quinnett

Please help us welcome EHS Sophomore Olivia Quinnett as our new Junior Student Representative to the School Board! Olivia is a passionate and accomplished soccer player as well as natural leader. Her letters of recommendation commended her tenacity, positive outlook, effective communication, and willingness to help fill a need. Olivia's future goals are to become a teacher and coach so she can help shape the future of others. Our school board members look forward to Olivia joining us to share her perspective and insights!