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Enumclaw School District

Strategic Plan

Each April our Enumclaw School District Board of Directors meet for a full day retreat.  The purpose of this time is two-fold.

  1. To recognize, highlight and review results of the work of the previous year
  2. To set the direction for the next year

The results of this work is vital to the mission of Enumclaw School District. The Superintendent and Cabinet bring the mission of Ensuring the equity of all students achieving at high levels system-wide through the Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan

Executive Summary              Detailed Strategic Plan

We added our Theory of Action to the Strategic Plan in April 2018:

“If we are relentless in our pursuit of creating schools that engage students in learning that is authentic, deep, irresistible and exciting, then we will succeed in preparing all students for success in the innovation era and success in life.”

This central idea inspires our 550 staff members in our work with students. The Habits, Hands, Heart, and Head work that was established a decade ago in Enumclaw School District is now further refined by our focus on four initiatives to meet our mission of ensuring the equity of all students achieving at high levels:

1. Whole Child: ensuring that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged
2. System Capacity: developing and aligning resources to support student, staff, and community learning
3. Tiered System: creating opportunities to support the academic, behavioral and attendance needs of all students to successfully meet standards
4. Instructional Improvement: creating a positive, powerful learning experience for all students each period, each day

We measure our success on the values, opportunities, and achievement of our students and staff.

Please view the Executive Summary and the Detailed Strategic Plan for a complete overview of the Strategic Plan including a detailed description of goals, evaluation measures and action steps.  This is an important tool for communicating our K-12 goals with our leadership team, staff, students, parents and community members.

In April 2017 we invited school board directors, leadership team members, students and parents to help communicate our shared vision.