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Enumclaw School District

Read Together, Learn Together

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A community who READS together LEARNS together!

Join us for a student, parents and community reading challenge called Read Together!  Learn Together! Our goal is to collectively read 10 million minutes by our last day of school on June 19th!  All students, parents and ANY member of our community is able to participate and submit their reading minutes.   In order to meet this HUGE community learning goal, it is going to take all of us to come together and share our passion for reading.  Let’s show the world that the Enumclaw School District community LOVES to read!! What a celebration it will be when we meet our goal of collectively reading 10 million minutes!

Submit your weekly minutes anytime during the challenge using the form below and together let’s reach 10 MILLION! 


Read Together, Learn Together Form

elementary children reading in classroom

Independent reading leads to an increased volume of reading.  The more one reads, the better one reads, the more knowledge of words and language one acquires.  The more one reads, the more fluent one becomes as a reader.