Please note that routes are subject to change.

Students need to be at their stop five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Most routes are reversed in the afternoon, so please check with your driver if you have any questions. Special Education and Handicapped students are notified of their schedules by phone or mail.

All schools in Enumclaw School District are released 75 minutes early on Fridays throughout the school year for staff collaboration time, also known as Professional Learning Communities. ALL STUDENTS ARRIVE HOME ONE HOUR AND 15 MINUTES EARLIER ON FRIDAYS.

If you need additional information, please contact the Transportation Department at 360.802.7232 between the hours of 9:30a.m. and 2:30p.m.

The link below on the left provides general transportation information for your address, including your school, the distance from your school, the bus number, and the distance to your bus stop. The District no longer posts detailed bus route information on our website for safety and security reasons. For specific bus route information and schedules related to your student(s), please log into Family Access and click on the 'Busing' tab.

If you have trouble accessing Family Access, please contact your school office directly for support. If you are unable to access the information or if you have any questions related to your bus route, please do not hesitate to contact the Transportation Department at 360-802-7232.