Enrollment Information

Enrollment / Registration

Required Enrollment Documents

Parents/guardians must register their children at the school within the boundary area for their residence. Kindergarten through Grade 12 is now Online Enrollment for new students only!  Online access and Kindergarten registration information is located on our Online Registration web page.

Contact your school for registration forms for students who are not new to our district.  Contact information for each school is located to the right.

The following documents are needed to enroll a child:

Enrollment for New Students Only

McKinney-Vento Students

In accordance with the McKinney-Vento Act, Enumclaw School District is required to provide homeless children access to educational services and opportunities to enroll in, attend, and be successful in school.


Release of Student Information

Per School Board Policy 3231, the district will assume permission to release basic student information unless it is otherwise indicated on the "Release of Student Information Form" linked below.