The school board consists of five members who are elected by voters in the Enumclaw school district. The members must live not only within the school district boundaries, but they must also live within the district boundaries they service. They serve a four year term. We also have two EHS student board members.

School directors work together to oversee the school district. As a board, their primary responsibilities are:

  • Hire, supervise and evaluate the superintendent.

  • Set the vision, mission and strategic goals for the district.

  • Review, revise and adopt policies.

  • Establish and oversee the budget.

  • Serve as community representatives.

  • Monitor the district’s progress towards its goals.

Paul Fisher photo

Paul Fisher | President, District 5 Director

Paul Fisher represents District 5.  He grew up in a suburb of Buffalo, NY where he attended the State University of NY.  Following graduation, he entered military service flying helicopters on active duty with the Marine Corps and later flying helicopters in the Navy Reserves until retiring.  Early in Paul's military and civilian career, he had the opportunity to travel and live in several cities in the U.S., deciding to settle in Enumclaw in 1991.  His children, Donald, Amanda, and Christina all attended Elementary, Middle, and High School in Enumclaw.  

Paul has served in numerous sales leadership roles being involved in hiring, planning, and budgeting. He has been passionate his whole life about the importance of education and continuous learning.  He hopes to bring his business and leadership experience to the Enumclaw School Board, helping every student live up to their potential. Paul's term expires in December of 2025.

District Director #5 Map (pdf)

Julianne DeShayes

Julianne DeShayes  | Vice President, District 2 Director

Julianne DeShayes represents District 2.  She has lived in Enumclaw most of her life and she and her husband are both graduates of Enumclaw schools, as well as parents to two Enumclaw students.  After almost 17 years in the mortgage industry, 7 years ago, Julianne decided to pursue her artistic passions and opened her own business, Something to Chalk About.  

She has always loved working with young people and believes in taking an active role alongside the people who are teaching and shaping our students.  Educators and mentors have made such a difference in her life and she is looking forward to serving the educational community in Enumclaw. Julianne's term expires in December of 2025.

District Director #2 Map (pdf)

Tyson Gamblin

Tyson Gamblin | District 3 Director, WIAA Representative


Tyson Gamblin was sworn in on September 6, 2016, to fulfill Corey Cassell’s term through November 2017 as District 3 director, at which point a general election was held, and Tyson Gamblin was officially elected to fulfill the remaining two years. Tyson was elected to serve a four-year term in December 2019 and was re-elected in November 2023 to serve an additional four years. Tyson's current term will expire in December 2027.

Tyson Gamblin is a manager at Art Gamblin Motors and is a father of three young children. He is an Enumclaw High School graduate, Central Washington University graduate, Enumclaw Football Foundation member and former director, and sponsor of Enumclaw Schools Foundation plus community events.

District Director #3 Map (pdf)

Scott Mason |  District 1 Director, Legislative Representative

Scott Mason represents District 1 and was elected to serve a four-year term in November 2023. Scott has been a member of this community for 29 years. He has had children attending school in the district for 14 years. Scott has been a foster parent to 31 children and understands the educational needs of students. 

Scott worked for The Boeing Company for 30 years with 12 years as an IT project manager. He has experience managing budgets, implementing communication plans, and strategies for large-scale conflict resolution. Scott values transparent communication, collaboration and supports addressing the needs of the district community with low taxpayer impact. 

Scott's current term will expire in December 2027. 

District Director #1 Map (pdf)

Ben Stouffer

Ben Stouffer| District 4 Director

Ben Stouffer represents District 4 and was elected to serve a four-year term in November 2023. Ben's current term will expire in December 2027. 

Ben lives in Black Diamond with his wife and four children. Ben’s family has lived in the Black Diamond and Enumclaw area for over one hundred years. Ben’s kids have
attended Enumclaw schools. 

Ben is a superintendent for an electrical construction company that has focused on new
school construction for the last twenty-plus years.

Ben believes that our future leaders are in school now and hopes to bring support to our
school staff and families so our students can be successful in school and be prepared for life after graduation.

District Director #4 Map (pdf)

Student Board Representatives

In February 2010, the board implemented Policy 1200 which approved the addition of two student representatives to the board of directors. The role of the representatives is to provide student insight and perspective to the board; serve as liaisons to the high school students; and report to the students about the work of the district and the board of directors. Below are our current representatives.

Marin Lawson | Senior Student Representative

Marin Lawson is a senior enrolled at Green River College in the Running Start program and is a member of the Enumclaw High School cheerleading team. Marin plans to transfer to a four-year university in the Fall of 2024 to pursue an undergraduate degree in neuroscience with a goal of becoming a physician. Marin’s teachers describe her as a delightful and dedicated student who will contribute positively to the Board of Directors.

Elisabeth (Libby) Stone | Junior Student Representative

Elisabeth (Libby) Stone is a junior enrolled at Green River College in the Running Start program.  She serves as a Junior Class Representative at Enumclaw High School, is a valued member of the Unified Sports teams, and plans to be a Special Education Teacher. Libby’s teachers describe her as encouraging and kind with a passion for students with developmental needs. She is excited to represent the student body as a junior member of the Board of Directors.