Vendors/Contractors, please use this online application to request acceptance into the District’s Skyward vendor database. The application must be filled in its entirety with a completed and signed W9, uploaded in the application. Applications will not be considered without a W9.   (Our W9 is available if desired.) 

Please note:

  • W9 is a required document for all vendors; Sole Proprietor/Independent Contractors, Incorporations, and LLC’s.

  • W9 is a required document for any applicant who employs Washington State retirees that retired under an early retirement agreement. The employees listed on this form will be reviewed and will be kept on file.

  • The District is unable to utilize services from any contractor using employees who retired using the 2008 Early Retirement Factor, as the return-to-work rules are strict, and the employee cannot perform services for the District in any capacity.