Family Access is easy to use!

Family Access, a product of Skyward, is easy to sign up for and use! Once you've completed your application and receive a user name and password, you will be able to view your student's lunch account, grades, attendance, discipline and much more.  You can also sign up for progress reports, low balance lunch account notices and more.

You must be listed as a guardian on your student's profile to access student information.  Please contact your student's school directly for instructions on how to obtain a user name and password.

Password Changes: Family Access and Student Access


Skyward was updated recently, and as a result:

  • Family and Student Access users will be forced to use strong passwords (12-digit minimum, one number, and one special character). If a password does not meet the requirements, the account holder will be forced to change their password.

  • All Skyward passwords, including those for parents and students, will become case-sensitive.

If you have any questions, please contact our Help Desk at 360.802.7129.


Please note: Not all features shown in the below video are available at all schools or grade levels. For additional videos and information, please visit Skyward's Family Access Toolkit - Parents & Guardians at

For Skyward system requirements, read the NWRDC PDF.