power outage


Sunrise Elementary's phones are down due to the outage. Please contact the District Office at 360-802-7100 for any communication needs.

Enumclaw Middle School, Sunrise Elementary, and Southwood Elementary are still without power. However, we are moving forward with all early afternoon conferences. If power has not been restored by 3 pm, all evening conferences (4 pm or later) will be canceled. Buildings will begin to work with impacted families to reschedule canceled conferences once power has been restored.

We will continue to provide updates as we receive information


We are currently without power at Southwood, Sunrise, and Enumclaw Middle School. Prior to losing power, the school systems were able to warm the buildings and currently have plenty of natural light. We will operate school as normal and we are communicating with PSE, who is investigating and working to return power as soon as possible. Phones are currently working. We will continue to provide updates as we receive information.