Our Schools Protect Students from Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB)

The district is committed to a safe and civil educational environment for all students, employees, parents/legal guardians, volunteers and patrons that is free from harassment, intimidation or bullying.

The district is committed to promoting positive character traits and values, including the importance of civil and respectful speech and conduct, and the responsibility of students to comply with the district's policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation, and bullying.

Schools are meant to be safe and inclusive environments where all students are protected from Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB), including in the classroom, on the school bus, in school sports, and during other school activities. This section defines HIB, explains what to do when you see or experience it, and our school’s process for responding to it.

Our School Stands Against Discrimination

Discrimination can happen when someone is treated differently or unfairly because they are part of a protected class, including their race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, creed, disability, use of a service animal, or veteran or military status.

Who else can help with HIB or Discrimination Concerns?

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)
All reports must start locally at the school or district level. However, OSPI can assist students, families, communities, and school staff with questions about state law, the HIB complaint process, and the discrimination and sexual harassment complaint processes.

 OSPI School Safety Center (For questions about harassment, intimidation, and bullying)


The applicable completed H.I.B. form linked below will be submitted to the appropriate school administrator or discipline officer, the incident shall be investigated, and the Civil Rights Compliance Coordinator, Stephanie Berryhill, shall receive a copy of the document generated by the investigation.



 OSPI Equity and Civil Rights Office (For questions about discrimination and sexual harassment)

 Washington State Governor’s Office of the Education Ombuds (OEO)
The Washington State Governor’s Office of the Education Ombuds works with families, communities, and schools to address problems together so every student can fully participate and thrive in Washington’s K-12 public schools. OEO provides informal conflict resolution tools, coaching, facilitation, and training about family, community engagement, and systems advocacy.

U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR)
The U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR) enforces federal nondiscrimination laws in public schools, including those that prohibit discrimination based on sex, race, color, national origin, disability, and age. OCR also has a discrimination complaint process.